A New Life in 60 Days

Are you stressed, overworked and uninspired with what your life has become? 

This program will help you re-create a life you can truly love for a lifetime.   Create a clear vision of what success means to you, listen to the whispers of your soul and finally decide how you want to live your life.  

It's your life!!!

Identify the things that have been holding you back!!  Learn how to set boundaries to move past them and never again let them stop you from living your life. Then start setting those boundaries and begin planning some real solutions that will re-create your life, steps that will give you the happiness and freedom that we all must have if we will be able to rest peacefully at the end of our lives.  

Do you want more time?  More money? This course will show you how to create a side business that will support that new life.  It doesn't have to be a huge effort or a 6 figure company.  Is that what you really want?  Let's find your passion, create


Get clear on how you will reach that market and how that business will operate.  Monetization strategies, cash flow plans and personal budgets that are designed around the life you want  ...

... a life with more money AND more time.

This program is available either online in the Navigation for the Soul Academy, in workshops (see services) or in 1:1 coaching (contact Geri for more details).  

The online program begins with an introduction and summary of the model and methodology.  There are 7 modules in the introduction plus a bonus module to describe how to use the model.  Then, to really dive deep into a subject, each of the 7 modules have been turned into individual courses in the academy.

Purchasing any course gives you lifetime access to the private Navigation for the Soul facebook group PLUS group coaching AND private coaching with Geri during the course.

Navigation for the Soul Academy

Below are links to the courses, each with a brief description.  Although I recommend you start with "A New Life in 60 Days" there are no prerequisites and I will guide you from wherever you are and with whatever you need at this moment in your journey.  The modules are numbered so that they correspond with the steps in the coaching program.  You will need to join the Navigation for the Soul Academy (FREE) first in order to enroll in a course.  Each of the courses will have (I'm still working on these) modules you can preview at no charge so you can get a feel for what it is about.  

If you have any questions, please reach out to me at Geri@GeriBurke.com or call/text me at 215-313-7662

A New Life in

60 Days

This course is the introduction to the Navigation for the Soul Method.

1 - Plan For Your Success

Give yourself the gift of identifying the things you would do if you had more time and money to do them.

2 - Release Negative Energies

This course will guide you in setting healthy boundaries so you can focus on the things that will give you joy.

3 - Believe in Your Value

Connect and identify with your inner self, the person within and see that each stage of your life built you into the valuable person you are today.

4 - Create a Fulfilling Gig

Create a plan for changing your financial future, one that might produce more money and give your time more meaning.

5 - Market Your True Self

Learn how to market authentically

“The new frontier in human evolution is one that connects us in a deep and meaningful way." ~ Ronna Prince

6 - Focus on What You Want

Nothing is perfect. This course will help you see that nothing you do could be perfect but that each thing you do is a step forward in your perfect journey.

7 - Share Your Authentic Self

This course will guide you in telling your hero’s journey so you can share who you are today with the world. Use your visions and your dreams to create a perfect ending. Share your truth, your dreams, your self. Use the ability to speak your truth to carry you forward.

8 - Guide your life with GPS

Putting the 7 steps together to guide your life upward and forward

Pre-requisite: A New Life in 60 Days