About me...

I spent over 20 years of my life as a cubicle dweller, getting lost in the confines of my walls, stressed, overworked and feeling a pull from the universe that I was not where I was supposed to be.

Somewhere deep inside, I always knew that I was on the wrong path.  However, it was the safe path, and I was scared to forge a new one. (Sound familiar?)
I’ve since escaped from those corporate shackles and have stepped into living a liberated life on purpose.  

Now, I am blessed to live my life’s purpose of guiding others toward their own purposeful life so they can stop the endless, meaningless, drifting. We are all meant to experience rich, meaningful lives!
My path has not been an easy one, but I recognize that everything that has happened to me has actually happened for me. More importantly, it has prepared me to become the beacon of light I am today so that I may help those hungry for their own transformation.
How did I get to this place? This is my story...
My life was filled with rough beginnings, but I learned to transform pain into great strength, and become the intuitive woman I am today. 
From the outside looking in, I had it all together. With two master’s degrees, one in engineering and one in transformational leadership, I quickly climbed the corporate ladder and embarked on a highly-respected career as a GPS engineer, working with some of the world’s largest telecommunication companies and defense contractors.

I was blessed with amazing leadership opportunities and I saw huge innovations go from an idea (GPS) to commonplace.   I even led the teams that developed next-generation satellite-to-consumer infrastructure and that brought broadband to the European union.  
I had the nice salary, nice house, nice car and the nice vacations … and, of course, the nice high cost of living that came along with all of it.
But, I was still not happy. That career basically sucked the life out of my soul.  It also cost me my health. 
Respiratory irritation runs in my family but that condition was exacerbated by my working environment (mold in the walls and bats in the air handlers - eek!!).  And on top of that was a job filled with extremely high doses of stress.  I (and many others in that environment) had been sick for years.
One night, I began coughing up blood clots, then I collapsed and was rushed to the hospital. After being released, I foolishly kept on with the status quo, ignoring the memo from the Universe that I needed to make a serious change in my life. 
A year later, my heart stopped - I flatlined, a sudden cardiac arrest. I was rushed into surgery, where I received a pacemaker to keep me alive. But, I suffered a brain injury, caused by the lack of oxygen.  I had to learn to walk and talk again and still have some residual issues.                               
Despite all of this, I am no victim. In fact, I now know a feeling of complete joy that runs deep. And, I feel more blessed than ever. 
Yes, you read that right. I’ve been given another shot at life and living my destiny. I’m not going to waste it.
People ask me if I saw “something” and I smile and nod. I saw, but not with my eyes. I heard, but not with my ears. I knew, but it was not from learning something new. The gift was remembering something so old and pure and expansive that there are no human words that could ever do it justice. 
Yes, I saw something; it was a “remembering” and it changed me completely.
This experience set me on a new path, with new fire and determination to transform myself. Through that transformation I am now able to share everything I’ve experienced and lived through to help others “remember" that they really can create a life with purpose, a life they truly love.
I’ve since developed a signature coaching program that combines my background in developing innovations with my new spiritual roots. (Did I mention that since I flatlined I became a Holy Fire Reiki Certified master?).  My coaching picks up where the power of positive thinking leaves off.  I help you connect to your higher purpose, let go of limiting beliefs, and begin to see the possibilities, but then I take you a step further and help you mold those possibilities into a viable future. The results? You can finally transform your life.

You’re here for a reason. You don’t need to go through a near-death experience in order to finally get the message from the Universe that it’s time to make a change. You’ve probably been hearing the whisper all along.  Isn’t it about time you listen?

The good news: you have the choice to do something about it right now. And,I’d be happy to help guide you along the way.  It is, after all, my life’s purpose to help you.

- Geri Burke